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Mobile App Design, iOS, Android, visual panda Mobile App Design, iOS, Android, visual panda Mobile App Design, iOS, Android, visual panda

About This Project

Yapert, is the most extensive collection of trending photos and videos from the biggest names in Music, Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Fitness and Lifestyle, all in one place. With number of downloads about to reach 500 000 level, Yapert is one of leaders in the celebrity news apps.

What we’ve done?

For over a year we were responsible for continous design work on the app, utilizing new features, researching possibilities, analyzing current situation, often preparing multiple solution screnarios for each of its functionalities.

In the February 2014 we successfully launched new, fresh version for iOS7, that is simplier, faster and much more intuitive than the old one.

What others are saying about it?

“Yapert is a brilliant way to get the latest news about the topics you love in one place”- KillerAppReview

“If you are a fan of sports, love music and musicians, have hobbies, watch movies and regularly follow celebrities, this app is a no-brainier for you.” – EasyAppFinder

“Yapert: The Next Big Thing” – The Daily News London

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